Here’s Why Backover Accident Prevention Technology Is Crucial

Backover Accident

It should come as no surprise that backover accidents represent a significant portion of motor vehicle accidents that happen every day. The Vision Zero Automotive Network’s purpose is to promote the use of collision-avoiding technology in existing vehicles to reduce and eliminate these completely avoidable accidents. So let’s examine why having a backup camera or parking sensors on your vehicle can help.

Rearward Blind Spot

Backover Accident

Every vehicle of every size has an area behind it that is not visible to its driver in any rear- or sideview mirror. The trunk, tailgate or hatch obstructs this area. This is a problem because someone could be standing behind your vehicle and remain completely invisible to the driver.

Here are two examples of just how significant these blind spots can be. Let’s start with a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. With a 6-foot-tall driver in the seat and the rearview mirror adjusted normally (which we’ll discuss in a future article), a child 51 inches tall standing 2 feet behind the vehicle would be completely undetectable to the driver.

Backover AccidentThis number is exaggerated slightly because the center seat headrest blocks visibility. If a child 47 inches tall or shorter were standing off to the side, they would remain hidden from the driver. It’s worth noting that drivers who are shorter usually need to tilt the mirror slightly to see everything behind them, creating an angle that actually increases the blind spot behind the vehicle.

Backover AccidentAnother vehicle example is the rather large Genesis G80 sedan. In this case, a child who’s 45 inches tall is impossible to see using the mirror system.

To put these heights into perspective, the average height of a 5-year-old is 42.5 inches. The average height of a 6-year-old is 45.5 inches, and a 7-year-old is 47.7 inches. So while we often think of kids younger than 4 or 5 as the most likely to be susceptible to backover accidents, older children can easily be affected as well.

Backover AccidentAdditionally, a full-size SUV or a pickup truck will have a significantly larger rear blind spot. What’s worse, these vehicles include blind spots in front.

Preventing Backover Accidents

Thankfully, the Santa Fe and Genesis G80 came with backup cameras, and the G80 also included backup parking sensors. These simple technologies make it easy to see everything behind the vehicle. What’s more important is that adding a backup camera or parking sensor system to your existing vehicle will effectively eliminate these blind spots and dramatically reduce the chances of an accident.

Don’t wait until you’ve had a close call. Instead, visit a local specialty mobile enhancement retailer today to find out how to add a backup camera or parking sensor system to your car, truck or SUV. You can find a retailer specializing in collision avoidance and vehicle safety technology upgrades using the dealer locator here on our website.