Vehicle Upgrades: Avoiding Danger From All Sides

Safe driving doesn’t just apply to road or highway speeds. Moving in and out of tight spaces and maneuvering around vehicles and obstacles are daily requirements for delivery and service vehicles, vehicles towing trailers and others. While parking sensors protect the front and rear bumpers, they don’t account for potential side impact obstacles such as poles, protrusions or mirrors of other vehicles.   

360-degree camera systems help drivers avoid obstacles of all types while maneuvering. The system uses one or more cameras to monitor all around the vehicle. Using internal software, it provides a live image that shows the vehicle’s environment and movement in real time on the vehicle’s display. Through the combination of native views and a 360-degree display, a driver can reliably avoid obstacles from all angles.

Did you know? A 360-degree camera system can be added to your existing vehicle. For more information, contact your Vision Zero Automotive Network Preferred Retailer.