Upgrade Your Vehicle

Most of the safety technology found on newer vehicles can be added to the vehicle you already own.

Being distracted while driving is one of the most prevalent causes of vehicle accidents. It’s a human condition that changes with the times. Before the technological comforts and features that are available in today’s vehicles, drivers still took their attention off the road ahead by eating, applying makeup, talking with passengers, daydreaming or fighting drowsiness. Add today’s myriad of technology options, along with more vehicles on the road and a faster-paced society, and the chance of having some kind of mishap while driving increases exponentially.

But the good thing about technology is that it also provides more capability to fight distracted driving. Vehicles today employ sensors, cameras and positioning devices to gather information from around the vehicle, and use stimuli to make decisions much in the way we do. This ability in turn expands the driver’s awareness, enabling him or her to make quicker decisions. Let’s take a look at some of these capabilities:

360-Degree Camera Systems

help drivers avoid obstacles of all types while maneuvering. Read More >

Apple® CarPlay™ and Android Auto™

let drivers access entertainment and information options from their smartphones through the larger, safer interface of the car radio. Read More >

Collision Avoidance Systems

warn drivers of potential accidents before they happen. Read More >

Lane Departure Warning Systems

alert drivers when the vehicle is drifting. Read More >

Blind Spot Detection Systems

let drivers know if the lane is clear or occupied before making a change. Read More >

Parking Cameras and Sensors

aid drivers in avoiding vehicles and obstacles while parking. Read More >