Technology Improves Motorcycle Rider Safety

Motorcycle Safety

We’ve talked extensively about how technology can keep drivers of cars and trucks safe. What about our friends on two- and three-wheeled vehicles? Riders are exponentially more exposed to the environment, making communication difficult. Likewise, their vehicles are smaller and sometimes difficult for other drivers on the road to see. Let’s look at a few aftermarket technologies that can make riding safer.

Audio Communication Solutions

Motorcycle Safety
The KCA-HX7C from Kenwood includes an intercom system with a 4K UHD weather-resistant video recorder.

When you’re riding with family or friends, maintaining safe communication is crucial. But there are inherent risks associated with having to turn around and make hand gestures to another rider. Kenwood, known globally for its car audio and two-way radio solutions, has developed a solution specifically for riders. Its KCA-HX7C is a Bluetooth communication system with an integrated 4K video camera. The hands-free communication system uses Bluetooth and allows up to four riders to talk to each other over a range of up to 1 mile (depending on topography and weather conditions). The system installs in your existing helmet with the camera module placed just above your left shoulder. The system includes a pair of low-profile speakers mounted inside the helmet and a microphone. You can even use the system with your smartphone should you need to make an emergency call.

With the KCA-HX7C installed in your helmet, you can let other riders know about obstacles on the road or when to exit the freeway for fuel or a meal. The camera will not only capture crystal-clear video of your adventure but can also serve the same purpose as a dashcam should something unfortunate happen.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Another popular upgrade for motorcycles is the tire pressure monitoring system. These compact systems typically include a small display module that can be mounted on the fairing or handlebars. In terms of monitoring tire pressure, there are two options. The most basic sensors are built into new valve stem caps that convey information to the display. The second type requires the installation of a transmitter inside the rim. If you run over something and a tire is leaking slowly, you’ll know before it becomes a problem. Many of these systems also monitor tire temperature. If your bike is loaded down for a long-distance ride, this information can be helpful in finding the perfect balance of pressure and temperature to stay safe.

Motorcycle Lighting

Motorcycle Safety
The Blackout light cubes from Heise feature a narrow spot pattern for added safety.

Whether you’re taking an evening cruise after dinner or are trying to get every point possible in a day-long rally, being able to see clearly when it’s dark is paramount to your safety. Properly adjusted forward lighting ensures that you can see the road, and more importantly, any objects or animals you may need to avoid. A local specialty mobile enhancement retailer can offer HID and LED headlight upgrades, aftermarket light cubes or compact light bars to help you see safely after the sun has set. Their expert technicians can integrate the lights into the wiring on your bike to ensure that everything will be safe and reliable.

Upgrade Your Technology for a Safer Ride

Drop by a local specialty mobile enhancement retailer today to find out about the safety technologies and upgrades available for your motorcycle. These same systems can also make an evening or weekend of fun on an ATV, UTV or side-by-side safer. To find a retailer in your area, check out our Dealer Finder.