Rear Seat Entertainment Systems Reduce Distractions

Rear Seat Entertainment

If you’ve ever been on a road trip with children, you know that their attention span is often limited. A game of Eye Spy or the Spot the License Plate won’t keep them entertained for long. Thankfully, mobile enhancement retailers across the country offer a variety of entertainment options that can help keep everyone from toddlers to teenagers engaged for hours. When the “When will we get there?” questions stop, you can focus on driving safely.

Rear Seat Video Solutions

Rear Seat Entertainment
Audiovox has an extensive offering of replacement headrest systems.

Such companies as Audiovox, Advent and Movies2Go offer universal and vehicle-specific video solutions that can play DVDs or digital video files to keep kids entertained. You can choose from a roof-mount overhead monitor that flips down to let everyone watch the same program. Alternatively, replacement headrest monitors allow the kids to watch the shows they love. One child could be watching “Paw Patrol” while the other is catching up on the latest Marvel superhero movie. These video solutions include wireless headphones so that audio track won’t distract the driver.

Upgrade Your Entertainment System

Rear Seat Entertainment
The Pioneer AVIC-W8600NEX includes Dual-Zone Rear Seat Entertainment compatibility.

Another option is to upgrade the radio in the dash of your car or truck so that you or the front seat passenger are in control of the rear-sear entertainment. If you choose a multimedia receiver from Pioneer, you can play a DVD in the dash and feed the audio and video signal to monitors in the rear seat. Many systems will let the driver and passengers listen to the radio or play their digital audio collection simultaneously.

Power Your Personal Electronics

Rear Seat Entertainment
Companies such as Metra offer universal USB charging ports.

If your kids have a tablet computer or an iPad full of games and videos, then ask your mobile enhancement retailer about adding dedicated high-current USB charging ports to the rear seat area so the kids can play for hours without interruption. Many retailers can also provide wireless Bluetooth headphone solutions so you don’t have to hear the beeps and blasts from the kids’ games.

If you need to keep a laptop charged, you can have a 120-volt outlet installed in the front or back seat. These outlets are powered by a device called an inverter. You can plug in your laptop charger just as you would at home to keep a computer running for hours. If an important paper is due for a college class or your child needs to practice some math, this is a great upgrade.

Take the Internet with You

Rear Seat Entertainment
Being connected to the internet can make your road adventures more enjoyable.

Of course, if your family members just have to chat with friends or update their Facebook profiles, you can have a mobile internet hotspot added to your vehicle. With the system installed and connected to a service plan, your family can surf the web, do research or chat to their hearts’ content. Most of these devices feature 4G LTE technology, so connection speeds are lightning fast.

Focus on Driving To Arrive Safely

No matter which entertainment option you choose for your family, never forget to focus on driving so that you’ll reach your destination safely. If the movie ends or the kids need help making a connection, make sure you’re stopped in a safe place that is well away from active traffic.

Before you head out on your next adventure, drop by a nearby mobile enhancement retailer to find out which rear seat entertainment options are available to make sure your drive is both enjoyable and safe. You can find a retailer in your area using the Vision Zero dealer locator.