FotoNation is a global leader in providing computational imaging, computer vision and facial analytics solutions for Automotive, Mobile, and Consumer Electronics. Its technologies have enhanced the digital imaging capabilities in more than 3.3 billion devices around the world.

FotoNation offers scalable software and hardware solutions in a flexible architecture to ensure its customers can build intelligent imaging capabilities into their devices. These capabilities enable devices to combine low-power, high performance and state-of-the-art functionality that deliver outstanding user experiences.

FotoNation has developed a camera-based Driver Monitoring System, with some of the best computer vision technologies including: face detection and tracking, 3D face features detection, and eye gaze. These technologies enable state-of-the-art attentiveness assessment, fatigue detection, and driver drowsiness evaluation as well as driver specific in-cabin security and customization options.

FotoNation Driver Monitoring solutions are available in both integrated dashboard and aftermarket automotive grade solutions.

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